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Capacitors in PCM 2.5 mm

WIMA plastic film capacitors in PCM 2.5 mm are available in metallized, self-healing version WIMA MKS 02 or in pulse duty film and foil version WIMA FKP 02. As a dielectric, Polyester or Polypropylene is used. The capacitance range includes values of 100 pF through 1.0 µF and voltage ratings of 50 VDC, 63 VDC, 100 VDC, 250 VDC and 400 VDC.

The realization of the smallest plastic film capacitors in the world has been made possible by the use of ultra-thin plastic film in thicknesses of 0.8 µm and below. The film processing with highly sensitive machines requires a high degree of experience and technical know-how.

The WIMA series with 2.5 mm PCM are contacted at the end surfaces and have very low self-inductance due to the small pin spacing of the capacitor and its fully contacted electrodes. Furthermore, the pulse and current loading capacities basically increase, the smaller the PCM can be designed, because - provided that the thickness of the film is the same - a longer band length is needed to achieve a particular capacitance value.

WIMA capacitors in PCM 2.5 mm are outstandingly suitable for HF decoupling in the field of high frequencies and open up new possibilities for use in applications with limited space requirements and high packing density.