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Competence in Capacitors


As specialist in film capacitors our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in terms of quality, innovation, delivery reliability and cost effectiveness

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< Top News >

Metallized WIMA capacitors have been extended by several new voltage ranges e.g. 400 VDC for WIMA MKS 02, 800 VDC for WIMA MKP 2 or 850 VDC, 1600 VDC and 2000 VDC for WIMA MKP 4. In addition to that several new capacitance values have been introduced for WIMA MKS 4 and WIMA MKP 2. With metallized capacitors, thin layers of aluminium are vacuum-deposited on the insulating film as conducting electrodes. In the case of a breakdown, the short circuit current causes the thin metal layer to evaporate around the point of failure and an insulating area is formed. The capacitor remains intact (self-healing). more...


< Technical Spotlight >

WIMA will introduce a new Barcode Label for shipments of Single Packing Units (SPU). The new label now also includes information on the basis of PDF417 as well as Data Matrix (2D) Barcodes and thus complies with common automotive supplier standards. Starting as of 1 December 2016 the new label will be applied to all domestic and foreign consignments. more...